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All-you-can-eat beer for 3 hours 900 species ⇒ 3000 yen (tax included) Draft beer on the beer is OK !!

All-you-can-eat beer for 3 hours 900 species ⇒ 3000 yen (tax included) Draft beer on the beer is OK !!

By using a coupon3000 yen

All you can eat and drink 3 hours · Tax included price 3000 yen including all

  • 100items
  • 2persons-
All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink menu is prepared according to 300 · 800 species and course ♪ Fulfilling menu such as barrel draft beer, cocktail, shochu, whiskey, wine, fruit wine, sour, soft drinks ☆

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

800 kinds of drinking super high speed + 100 kinds of food you can eat for 3 hours ⇒ \ 2500 ♪ Izakaya appeared ☆ Leave it to SAKURA Garden ♪ 2 people ___ OK for the day ___ for group ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 It is also possible to put out.For all you can eat, please order 3 items per person.※ cheese duck carpet will be in advance reservation system.

Course menu

Instant Happiness

Salt boiling edamame pepper spicy salt cucumber Tataki cucumber cucumber plum meat meat Japanese beef store Japanese-style kimuchi

Terrible Hill Yamakadori Ebarae Tirimayo Onion with plenty of Tofu Soy Sauce Korean style tofu

Salted leaves Cabbage bean curd mentai Mayo soy sauce Homemade bean sprouts Namuru nodded rice kimchi pickled

Onisura ponzu sauce sweet spicy


Sakura vegetables Japanese style salad sweet chicken tattle caesar salad

Cold shabu sesame dress salad broiled chicken tomato & garlic salad

Seafood salad Noodle grated Meat Korean style Kimchi salad

Boyle Seafood delicious Marinated style salad with plenty of vegetables Tofu salad


Seafood Yukke Mino Bin tuna Sashimi Coloring vegetables Salmon marinade Sweet shrimp sashimi

Salmon, sashimi, beanfish, beatfish, sashimi, salmon, salmon, patcho, bonito bonito, fisherman like

【Broiled · Oven】

Grilled open hockey sweet prawn shrimp fried shrimp with gypsy grilled Mayo soy sauce flavor with salmon and potato tartar baked


French fries Potato consommé punch Chicken fried chicken fried Japanese style soup chicken deep-fried plentiful Mayo

Young chicken fried chili sauce chickpeas fried chicken crispy fried chili sauce ponzu vermicelli croquette crispy tatara sauce sauce

Deep fried cartilage Prepret shrimp chili sauce chicken fried fried tofu and sugar soy sauce

Deep fried Korean Chicken squeez and fried dumpling Ebimayo mango sauce Naniwa name fried octopus

Fried octopus grater Ponzu mochi fried bean sprout sauce Sauce Capricorn Cutlet deep fried tartar sauce

【Pizza toast】

Teriyaki Chicken Okinawa Wind Otaru Potay Mayo Vegetable Cream Salmon and Potato

Beef carribe grilled meat BBQ broiled chicken and meat sauce Seafood tartar

【Egg · Cheese】

Take out Volume Akuta Mayo Take Out Snow Oroshi Take out Meat Sauce Made Outside Bound

Outback roll cream Akuta potato cheese oven Takoyaki cheese fondue French fries cheese Mayo

[Stir fry]

Dense thick mellow pig Kimchi stir-fried chicken and vegetable salt fried chicken beef grilled meat vegetable stir-fried seafood refreshing bean sprouts

【Noodles, rice items】

Salmon cream pasta meat sauce pasta sauce Yakizoba Akuta Mayo Taka pasta

Sea salt fried soba specialties from braised rice bowl Cheese seafood Doria seafood Yukke bowl

Cooked clams and wild vegetables with rice Shrimp bakery taco rice


Annin tofu capricious jelly green tea white rice dumpling petit cake honey sweet potato

All-you-can-drink menu

· Barrel · Shantyaga · Red Eye · Cork Beer · Cassisubia · Pine Beer · Apple Beer · Orange Beer · Grefruvia
· Cherry · Cassis · Peach · Mango · Pine · Aloe · Banana · · Tea · Grin tea · Yogi · Kalua · Vodka · Gin · · · ETC Eat your favorite juice and ♪
· Fruit wine · Plum wine
· Plum · Cherry · Yuzu · Kabos · Sudachi · Giant Peak · Melon · White Peach · Orange · (Rock · Soda · Water · Hot Water)
· Shochu · Sake
· Shochu (wheat · potato · shiso · horseradish · soba · ginger · kelp · awamori · sesame · jasmine) sake
· Whiskey · Chinese sake
· Whiskey (rock · water split · soda split) Chinese liquor (apricot distilled spirit, shochu, gold shochu, hazel shochu · indigo straw)
· SAKURA · Ginger · Cork · Shochu · Yuzu · Sudachi · Cabos · Plum · Lemon · Lime etc. 12 highballs
· Wine · Chinzano
· Wine (red · white) Tinzano (Rosso · rose · dry · half)
·Soft drink
· Orange · Grapefruit · Pineapple · Vineyard · Calpis · Milk · Oolong Tea · Ice Tea · Ginger Ale · Cola · Apple

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